Most restaurants offer steak as an option on their menus but genuine steakhouses pride themselves on using the best beef available and preparing it in a way that will make the meal unforgettable. The first steakhouses were built to provide diners with a hearty meal and this tradition continues today. The best in the business make certain that every steak the serve is as impressive for its taste as it is for its size. Every steak house has its secrets, but there are some standards they must all live by in order to thrive.

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They order from the best suppliers.

Quality steakhouses purchase their beef from suppliers that feed their cattle nutritious diets, select the right time to butcher the stock (typically when the cattle is young) and offer excellent cuts. They generally only use beef raised and processed in the United States and shipped fresh, not frozen, to the restaurant.

They buy the best each supplier offers.

San Antonio Prime Steaks is not just a fancy label. The term “prime” refers to the USDA rating for the top level of steak quality that is available on the market. It is beef that is a high-quality lean meat that contains a generous amount of marbling to keep the meat juicy. Less that 3 percent of all beef produced in the USA earns this label.

They skillfully prepare each steak.

A chef at a premium San Antonio Steak House will know the exact temperature to cook the meat and how much time it takes to finish it to the level that the customer prefers. They complete this step without cutting into the meet or poking it with a meat thermometer because both actions will cause the loss of some of the juice from the steak. In addition, they use their own combination of butter, sauces and spices or marinades and rubs to create the best signature flavor to represent their brand.

Great food is found at a wide array of different restaurants but the most flavorful steaks are only found in an amazing steakhouse. Their reputation is based on their ability to consistently make the most out of the quality beef they use. The best steakhouses also put that same dedication into their seafood, side dishes and other recipes as well.

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